Construction Law - Online Course


Product Overview

This course is intended to provide members of the construction industry with an understanding of construction law.

This course is designed to teach and familiarize owners, managers, supervisors and project managers with construction contracts and contract law, liabilities and responsibilities of all parties to a contract, compiling and submitting proper extras and claims, and ways and means for leaders to avoid conflict with contracts, owners, trades and labour.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the origins of law  
  • Understand what a contract is and what makes a contract valid or invalid  
  • Understand the roles in the construction industry as they apply to contract law 
  • Know the different types of construction contracts ? Interpret contracts  
  • Understand what a custom contract consists of 
  • Understand the principles of surety and the different types of bonds that are used  
  • Know what type of insurance is required in the construction industry 
  • Understand claims, the reasons for claims and the process of making a claim 
  • Know the acts and regulations that are relevant to the construction industry

This course is intended for people working in the construction industry who deal primarily in trade-to-trade and/or trade-to-customer situations.

The course duration is approximately 4 hours.

This course is available online in English and French. 


  • Please note that course access is not immediate.
  • If purchased during regular working hours, you can expect course access within 1 to 2 hours.
  • If purchased after working hours, please expect to receive your course access the following business day.
  • If purchased on the weekend, please note that you will not receive course access until the next regular business day.