• Change Order Management

    Change Order Management

    Changes are an inevitable part of the construction process but if not managed well, change orders can cause unnecessary project disruptions and lead to cost increases and schedule delays. This course will provide participants with best practices for...

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  • Construction Budget Estimating Process

    Construction Budget Estimating Process

    The key to a successful financial outcome with respect to a construction project often lies in the accuracy of budget forecasting which took place during the planning stages. Only accurate budgets can establish clear feasibility. Budget estimates allow...

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  • Finance & Accounting For Non-Financial Managers

    Finance & Accounting For Non-Financial Managers

    While operations are fundamental to the success of contracting businesses, a strong foundation in finance and accounting is equally vital. Construction leaders wishing to prioritize financial literacy and integrate it into their business strategy will...

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  • Profitable Contracting

    Profitable Contracting

    The successes of construction companies are attributed to the relationships between operations and financial personnel. Managers and owners who excel in both areas can optimize performance, manage risks effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and...

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  • Project Accounting & Cost Control

    Project Accounting & Cost Control

    Learn how to design and read various construction financial reports and improve financial systems within your organization. You'll walk away from this course with a solid understanding of accounting processes as they relate to construction projects. By...

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