Project Management

  • Building Construction - Putting It All Together

    Building Construction - Putting It All Together

    In the dynamic world of construction, every project is a symphony of collaboration, where stakeholders from various disciplines come together to transform vision into reality. From the initial spark of an idea to the final flourish of completion, each...

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  • CCDC 14 & 15: Managing The Uniqueness of Design Build

    CCDC 14 & 15: Managing The Uniqueness of Design Build

    Innovation, performance and trust are the cornerstones for success in Design Build projects. From the owner creating their Statement of Requirements, and consultants understanding their unique roles, to the contractor developing and implementing...

  • Change Order Management

    Change Order Management

    Changes are an inevitable part of the construction process but if not managed well, change orders can cause unnecessary project disruptions and lead to cost increases and schedule delays. This course will provide participants with best practices for...

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  • Closeout of a Construction Project

    Closeout of a Construction Project

    Setting up a construction project to close it out is the focus of this workshop. The principles of how organizing early, teamwork and communication work together to achieve a successful project closeout will be discussed. Turning over the building to the...

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  • Construction 101

    Construction 101

    Created by the industry and for the industry, this course was developed by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to give participants an opportunity to see how different pieces in the construction industry fit together. You’ll get valuable...

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  • Construction Budget Estimating Process

    Construction Budget Estimating Process

    The key to a successful financial outcome with respect to a construction project often lies in the accuracy of budget forecasting which took place during the planning stages. Only accurate budgets can establish clear feasibility. Budget estimates allow...

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  • Construction Specifications 101

    Construction Specifications 101

    This is an interactive half-day course that will cover the fundamentals of interpreting construction specifications. The seminar will deal with the basics of reading and interpreting both the general and technical specifications. Course...

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