Supervisor & Leadership Development

  • Communication Skills For Construction

    Communication Skills For Construction

    Excellent communication is essential for construction leaders! In this course, participants will learn how to improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to communicate goals and...

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  • Effective Construction Meetings & Meeting Minutes

    Effective Construction Meetings & Meeting Minutes

    Construction meetings are critical to successful management of construction projects. Regular site meetings on a project with well documented minutes can facilitate communication and produce better results - making it more likely that the project will be...

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  • Field Productivity 101

    Field Productivity 101

    Contractor success depends heavily on the field production of tradespeople. Lead towards efficiency and start seeing improvements to your bottom line. This course will define field productivity, discuss the effects of low field productivity, and outline...

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  • Field Scheduling 101

    Field Scheduling 101

    The aim of this course is to provide tools for scheduling at the site and crew level. Project management and site management (superintendents, general foremen and foremen) influence millions of dollars of construction a year. They must ensure that all...

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  • Lead To Succeed

    Lead To Succeed

    Leadership is an inside-out exercise, and this course will give you tools to better understand your own leadership strengths, how to motivate others, and how to listen and communicate better with your team. Attendees also receive two hours of FREE...

  • Negotiation & Conflict Management

    Negotiation & Conflict Management

    In the course of a construction project, conflicts arise and relationships may become strained between constructors, clients, subcontractors, and consultants. This course will improve your ability to de-escalate conflict, listen effectively, negotiate...

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  • Site Leadership

    Site Leadership

    Would you like to improve your construction site leadership skills? This course covers core site leadership essentials. Participants will enhance their ability to build a collaborative team culture with their staff, improve job site productivity and...

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  • Soft Skills for Hard Job Sites

    Soft Skills for Hard Job Sites

    Project sites are complex social environments where real-time conflicts arise. Once shovels hit the ground, site and project leaders are constantly navigating competing priorities. Negotiating between owners, subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers in...

  • Supervisory and Management Skills

    Supervisory and Management Skills

    Participants will improve their skills in leadership, management and supervision of staff. Participants will learn skills to enhance their ability to build a collaborative team culture with their staff and on job sites. The course is designed for...

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  • The HR Series: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

    The HR Series: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

    Course Description: More than ever, a workplace is a diverse collection of individuals proud of who they are: their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion, their ethnic background, and all the other components that make an individual unique...

  • The HR Series: Coaching & Mentoring

    The HR Series: Coaching & Mentoring

    Course Description Coach, Mentor, Role Model, Supporter, Guide... whatever you call it, being a coach involves being ableto draw from several disciplines. Coaching is based on a partnership that involves giving both supportand challenging opportunities...

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  • The HR Series: Conflict Resolution

    The HR Series: Conflict Resolution

    Course Description: Many people see conflict as a negative experience. In fact, conflict is a necessary part of personal growth and development. However, conflict becomes an issue when the people involved cannot work through it. They become engaged in a...

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