Business Management

  • Bonding & Insurance Basics

    Bonding & Insurance Basics

    Description Improve your knowledge of risk management in construction projects and leave with a stronger understanding of common bonding and insurance requirements in tender and contract specifications. Project specific course of construction...

  • Communication Skills For Construction

    Communication Skills For Construction

    Excellent communication is essential for construction leaders! In this course, participants will learn how to improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to communicate goals and...

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  • Construction Business Management

    Construction Business Management

    Construction owners, managers, estimators, supervisors and staff will learn how to improve management and systems of their construction company. Specifically how to do strategic and business planning in construction including marketing, HR management,...

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  • Finance & Accounting For Non-Financial Managers

    Finance & Accounting For Non-Financial Managers

    Accountants are not just about numbers. They provide non-financial staff with operating results through reports, analyses, mentoring and recommendations. They can explain the future scenarios that will result with and without corrective action, the...

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  • Lead To Succeed

    Lead To Succeed

    Leadership is an inside-out exercise, and this course will give you tools to better understand your own leadership strengths, how to motivate others, and how to listen and communicate better with your team. Attendees also receive two hours of FREE...

  • Managing Change in Construction

    Managing Change in Construction

    Changes on Construction Projects are inevitable and are often a source of friction. This creates problems for both the owner and the contractor as well as the other participants involved with the project (consultant, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors...

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  • Profitable Contracting

    Profitable Contracting

    In our highly competitive construction industry, managers and owners, regardless of the size of their companies, need to be well-qualified generalists able to juggle multiple tasks. The successes of their company will be attributed to operations and...

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  • Project Delivery Methods

    Project Delivery Methods

    This course puts you front-and-center with a multi-disciplinary training team of three ICI practitioners offering decades of experience from the perspectives of Project Owner, Consultant and Contractor. Facilitated by Debbie Hicks, you will gain expert...

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  • Project Planning for Success

    Project Planning for Success

    Effective planning is critical in the overall success of any construction project, but focus is often directed at winning the work, followed by a rush to get started. Without taking adequate time to plan the work in advance, we put successful project...

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